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Supplying Artwork


Supplying Artwork

The artwork you use in your business communications helps to create the first impression that a client has of your company. That’s why our comprehensive guide to supplying artwork to use in your materials is provided for your convenience; we want you to find our process streamlined, seamless, and very user-friendly. Take a look at the tips below that will help you to send us the artwork you want to use as easy as A, B, C.

The File Formats We Accept

  • Press Ready PD
  • Quark Express
  • Illustrator
  • Freehand
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Indesign

If you want to supply artwork using a different program that’s not listed above, please phone: 0845 496 8602. As you submit native files such as Quark Express, be sure that all elements, documents, images, and fonts are included in one folder compressed using Stuffit or similar zip files.

Supplying PDF Artwork

We prefer your artwork to be submitted in a high-resolution PDF format; the steps below will help you to prepare your files correctly. Please follow the steps below to set your PDF file properly.

  • Settings: Choose high resolution, set compression settings for colour with greyscale downsampled to 300dpi, and set auto compression to high.
  • Set bitmapped images to 600dpi and set font embedding to “embed all fonts.”
  • Bleed settings should have a 3mm bleed around the PDF; save the PDF with 6m added to each of your measurements. You can include any crop marks that you want.
  • All embedded images must be CMYK files.
  • When using Microsoft Office Files, create spot colours correctly in the original documents; do not set to RGB colours.

Other Files

  • If you are using any other type of file, you should save the artwork as an eps or jpeg file. Make sure that the file has bleed and crop marks and inform us of the final size of the artwork; we also need a hard copy for reference purposes.
  • If you desire your artwork to fade off the edge of your page, you must have a 3mm bleed around the image; you should also include crop marks that are 5mm long, 3mm outside the page area, and coloured in the colour registration as they appear on each colour separation.
  • Make sure that you supply us with the correct finished size of artwork required for your job. Inform us of any variations so that we can allow time for amending your artwork.
  • All of our pricing includes a pre-print check; we will correct any simple issues that we spot free of charge. If we need to amend the artwork or you need to resubmit correct files there will be a charge of £15.00 for each time, with extensive amending or correcting to be charged at £45.00 per hour. Do not submit imposed pages.
  • For booklets that have multiple pages, make the front and back cover separate files. Supply single pages for your booklet in the proper order. Be sure to keep your text and content at least 5mm away from the edges.
  • Include all fonts that you have used in the file; please understand that we have our own extensive collection that may not match yours specifically.
  • Your scanned colour and greyscale images should be at 300dpi; line art should be 600-1200dpi at the final size.
  • Use our Upload Artwork button and the FTP upload facility which can accommodate up to 20 MB. If your file is larger, provide it on a disk to us.

Send all CD Rom, DVD, USB memory sticks to:

The Bridge Business Centre

32 Beresford Way


S41 9FG


For further queries please go to Contact Us on our website for contact information and additional assistance.

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